Bunch Of Stuff

Hope you all had a fun Halloween. I know it's a day or two off, but I have a hodge podge of assorted goodies previously posted on Patreon. There's stuff featuring Lana, Zoey, Rylee, Krissy, Alexis, Cindy, Kiara, Justine and a couple of other familiar characters you may have seen from comics and/or movies. Enjoy! [...]

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Random Art

Here's a few stuff I commissioned from different artists. First up is one of my faves DevilHS featuring Lana Liberty. The issues with shooting a high budget (porn) movie is production troubles. Sometimes you have technical errors. Other times, you picked the wrong person to play the villain. In this case, Lana Liberty's opponent, a [...]

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Group Photo 2016

Sorry about the lack of updates. I've been working on something, which I'll announce this week (probably tomorrow). Anyway, I took the time to do a summer group photo featuring the cast of Intrigue3D. Lana, Krissy, Zoey, Rylee, Kiara, Alexis, Justine and even Adrian all partake in a quick photo. Hope you enjoy!

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Alexis & Justine At The Beach

Added new pics to the Two Or More section. This one was commissioned by Versalsen, who wanted to see Alexis and Justine having some fun under the sun (with some nudity thrown in). After a stressful couple of months, Alexis & Justine get some time away from the office and spend it at the beach. [...]

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Gallery Update: Alexis, Justine, Kiara & Rylee

I've added 20 new pics featuring Alexis, Justine, Kiara and Rylee to the gallery. While the other girls are open about their nakedness, Rylee is still getting used to it. But I think she's going to be fine after a while. :) You can check them out below. Enjoy!

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Stuff From The Hard Drive (Updated With Poll)

I found a couple of pics on the hard drive that I never got around to posting. There were done a year ago (back in January '12). I had planned to add her to the I3D stable, but a combination of things ended up stopping me from doing that (Laziness being the main one). Anyway, [...]

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