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Full NameAdrian Anderson
KinksAnal, Big Asses, Big Tits, Group, Oral, Roleplay, Tittyfucking, Vaginal
Preferred PartnersLana, Krissy, Rylee
NicknameThe Man With The 14" Monster

Adrian's career start was an interesting one. With photos of his cock all over the web, the company went on a search to find him and offer him a deal. After refusing a few times, Adrian reluctantly signed once realizing he would be in scenes with his porn star crush Lana. Not only that, but he's found himself living with her as a roommate. But it seems that their mutual feelings may reveal themselves...

With one of the largest natural sized cocks reaching nearly 14 inches, Adrian has been one of the bigger (huehuhehue) male stars in the industry to date.