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Full NameZoey Ramona Ambrose
KinksAnal, Big Cocks, Exhibitionism, Femboys, Futanari/Dickgirls, Gangbangs, Group, Light BDSM, Mischief, Multiple Penetration, Oral, Public Masturbation, Public Sex, Roleplay, Toys
Preferred PartnersRylee, Krissy, Elizabeth
NicknameI wonder how long I can make this part go to see how much will appear when highlighted. It seems to keep adding more text to the box, but I dunno if it will shrink it further, cut off at a point, or spill outside the box. Would be interesting to see. Wait, I'm suppose to make this related to Zoey! Ummmm she...exists.

With her tattooed punk look combined with her willingness to do almost anything, Zoey has become a cult icon in the industry. Her kinky factor has been a welcome addition, from taking on monster-sized dildos to getting fucked in public. Her prowess in the bedroom has also been well-documented, especially when paired with your best friend/roommate Rylee.

Not much is known about Zoey's past, but whatever it was helped mold her into the girl she is today.