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Full NameRylee Kelly
SexFemale (Futanari)
KinksAnal, Big Asses, Big Dicks, Big Tits, Bodybuilding, Cock Growth, Creampie, Femboys, Futanari/Dickgirls, Group, Mischief, Oral, Public Sex, Roleplay
Preferred PartnersZoey, Krissy, Lana
NicknameThe Kind-Hearted Shy Bull

For a long time, Rylee was shy and afraid after being bullied in her younger years. After seeing herself closely in the mirror, she decided to make a change and began to work out. In due time, Rylee’s flabby appearance transformed into a muscular and toned look. She felt better about how she looked, yet she was still shy and unsure of herself.

It wasn’t until a chance meeting with Krissy where it all changed. After fucking her in the gym, Krissy made a few calls and got her a few gigs in porn including ones with her future roomie Zoey. Rylee started to love the work as no longer did people see her unwanted, but as someone they want to be with. From that moment one, Rylee became confident in herself.

As for why she has a cock, I dunno. Some weird combination of supplements?