Full NameCindy Elmore
KinksAnal, Big Cocks, Exhibitionism, Gangbangs, Lana, Masturbation, Toys
Preferred PartnersLana, Kiara
NicknameA Hot Fuck That's Crazy For Lana

When Cindy was 14, she watched her porn movie and instantly fell in love with it. She began to watch them incessantly to the point of becoming addicted to it! But there was one porn star that she gravitated towards the most: Lana. She idolized Lana, masturbating to her videos and even sending love letters to her home address. Cindy wanted to be a pornstar, just like Lana, more than anything.

After graduating high school, Cindy made the journey to meet Lana in person, telling how much she loved her and wanted to do porn just like her. While freaked out a bit, Lana saw the passion in her eyes and helped her live her dream of doing porn. She even did a few scenes with her. While Lana isn’t interested in a relationship, it doesn’t mean Cindy won’t stop trying!