lanabutton3Full Name: Lana ???
Height: 5’9″
Profession: Adult Actress/Writer
Personality: Seductive and Playful
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Level: Hardcore
Fetishes: Huge boobs, Huge cocks, Anal, Feet

About Her: Lana was a bonafide starlet in the porn industry. From her huge boob and round ass, she was able to generate a huge buzz using her seductive voice and face to drive the guys crazy. It wasn’t until recently that she began to start her own venture Intrigue 3D. With many years of experience and the creation of many friendships along the way, Lana produced a site that provides both sensual and erotic works for the masses. Outside of pornography, Lana’s main hobby is writing, using her various tools to illustrate different scenarios in words.
Quote: “Are you intrigued?”