Character used with permission by her creator SergeantBuck



krissybutton2Full Name: Kristina Elizabeth Jasso
Height: 5’10”
Profession: Amateur adult actress/Tattoo artist
Personality: Fun-loving and hard to get
Sexuality: Bisexual
Level: Hardcore
Fetishes: Huge breasts, Assplay

About Her: A rebel since high school, Krissy has been described as a delinquent by her family and a party animal by her friends. Krissy started making a living by becoming a self taught tattoo-artist and a porn starlet. Thanks to her frequent partying habits, she has developed an unusually high tolerance for strong alcohol that gives her the edge over most. Socially, she is very outgoing, will flirt with almost anyone, and isn’t afraid to hit on ladies. Her friendship with Lana is proof of that, providing her a new outlet on Intrigue 3D to show off her erotic ways.
Quote: “Sit down, shut up, and enjoy the ride!”