A quick little scene requested through Patreon featuring Kiara getting a bit of a (mouth) workout with her training partner Rylee. Rylee is trying to help stretch Kiara’s muscles while simultaneously stretching her throat to accommodate an oral fucking. With a few more sessions, Kiara will surely be able to handle herself.

As an added bonus for Kiara fans, I did a render of her in that workout gear and also a nude variant as well.

While I’m at it (and since I can’t think of another post to add this to), here’s another request from Patreon featuring Lana getting gangbanged by the Powerpuff Futas. If you wanna check out more stuff and possibly get your own request done, then become a member of my Patreon. I do have something already announced there, so if you don’t wanna wait for it to be posted here, then sign up today. Until then, enjoy!