First off, it’s been over a week and my latest title has been a smashing success. Thank you to everyone who bought a copy or supported me on Patreon. I’ll have about another title coming later this month (yes, another one already). But I’ll give out those details later in the week.

In the meantime, I have a short 6-page comic by Rabies T. Lagomorph I commissioned a while ago feature Lana & Adrian. In this short comic, Lana is trying to get ready for next Lana Liberty shoot, but is stressed out as she can’t find her skirt. Luckily, Adrian is there to help cool things over her. If you like this, then definitely check out more of Rabies’ stuff over on his tumblr or support him via Patreon. He’s a fantastic artist and one to definitely keep on your must-watch list.

Not only that, but Rabies also did a fantastic bit of fan art of Krissy & The Minotaur (which you can happen to buy the title over at this link along with some other stuff *wink*).

While I’m at it, I got some promo work I did for CrazySky over for some products on his Renderotica store. So I’m gonna post the most recent ones of those.

Lastly, I did a Bowsette piece because that was a thing for a while (Special thanks to SquarePeg3D and Desterotica). There’s also another thing featuring her getting fucked by Rylee & dickgirl Krissy (dressed up as plumbers) currently up on Patreon. So if you wanna check that out and more stuff, then pledge today. Anyway, enjoy!