Today we’ve got a lot of ground to cover as I have a bunch of pinups of some of the girls and a few Patreon requests that I couldn’t fit in a theme. To start, here are a few pinups of Kiara, Krissy and Zoey.

While we’re at it, here’s two wallpapers: One with Zoey’s butt and the other with Krissy’s everything.

Next up is a request featuring June checking out some porn on her computer and sucking her own cock. If I didn’t know any better, this doesn’t look like her first time doing this!

Speaking of sucking, next is a scene featuring Krissy sucking Adrian’s cock while Zoey watches. Due to its sheer length and girth, Zoey always has trouble deepthroating Adrian’s cock. That’s why Krissy likes to rub it in Zoey’s face about how much deeper she can go compared to her. Maybe one day Zoey will be able to handle that 14 incher with ease.

Speaking of MORE sucking, here we have dickgirl versions of Krissy and Lana having their cocks worked on by some bimbo. The bimbo lady jerks Krissy while giving Lana some mouth work. Really can’t say more than that!

And to end the update, just a simple scene with Krissy & Lana possibly about to make out or something.

If you wanna check out more content early and request something, then pledge to my Patreon today. I’ve already opened Rando Requests for next month. So be sure to pledge and add a request. If I like it, it might get done. Until then, enjoy!