Here’s a set commissioned anonymously a while back featuring Perfidus’ character Keetsie & Kinzie. You might remember Kinzie from her rough night and gangbang from a while back and if you’re a longtime fan, you might remember Keetsie from her yoga session with Rylee. Now the two are back as Kinzie’s mischievous side comes out to mess with Keetsie.

Kinzie has a surprise planned for Keetsie, inviting her to the same area her rough night took place. Keetsie is furious at Kinzie for tricking her, but doesn’t fight back against her captors and just let them fuck her. While she’s unhappy on the outside, she’s trying her best to hide her pleasure and not let Kinzie get the better of her. Though, before it’s over, she does admit defeat.

This is usually rougher compared to some of my other stuff, but I hope you still like it. Enjoy!