Got some random stuff. A while back, I worked on some promotional material for CrazySky and their various products on Renderotica. I mainly used Zoey for most of them (because she’s into that kinky stuff), but re-used an older model for the bondage wheel (Can you guess who?). Anyway, if you’re an artist and wanna get them, then you can go to this link. But for everyone else, enjoy!

I also got a Patreon request a while back with Alexis being naughty. Usually, I don’t do stuff like that with her, but the idea was intriguing to me. Plus I haven’t used her in a while, so why not? Here she is getting fucked in a pool on a warm summery day.

Lastly, a quick pinup of Rylee. Because everyone loves a little Rylee in their life. Enjoy!