Sorry about making you guys wait another week (As a great man once said, My Bad). But your patience will be rewarded because it’s finally done! The final part is now out for your enjoyment.

Lana begins to provide the cock with a little tittyfuck until it finally explodes. You’ll see why it’s called “A Mouthful For Lana.” 😀 I’m glad I’ve finally finished the comic. Now, it looks like Lana’s gonna be resting up for a while. Hopefully, not too long. She does have plans for this summer. 😉

Not only that, but I’ve created a special download link for you all to enjoy. It features the comic, a textless version, a few gifs made by fredfred5150 of the Affect3D forums, a few alternate shots and bonus pics that won’t be posted up for a while. The whole thing is 106 images (!), so download it for the complete package!

Mirror Link

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