I recently got a request from my collaborator Rikolo to do a gangbang featuring all our dickgirls and one lucky girl. That girl happened to be Zoey. 🙂 In a complete literal clusterfuck, Zoey is at the mercy of 6 huge cocks as they stuff every hole (sometimes two at a time).  Beneath the pile is Kiara and Sarah, who take turns plunging their cocks inside Zoey’s once tight ass. Meanwhile, June and Rebecca share Zoey’s pussy, completely stretching it out. Rylee has Zoey’s mouth all for herself. Rylee was willing to share with the shy Hana, but Hana didn’t want to make it harder for Zoey and optioned to just get tugged. While her mouth, pussy and ass are filled to the brim, Zoey can only wonder if there’s more to come for her in the future.

There’s a lot going on in this one, so I tried to do as many renders as possible (it’s at one for each girl). I really had fun working on this one. When I first got the request from Rikolo, I thought he was absolutely mad. But I was able to get it done without many issues, so I’m glad he suggested it. Anyway, hope you enjoy and be sure to check out my Patreon for some new content. Enjoy!