Got some commissions earlier from DevilHS and Mr. NDC. As always, DevilHS is one of my favorite artists. So I thought I’d give him a little challenge with Krissy & Lana in an uber insane gangbang scenario. Consider this a sequel to these previous ones (here and here), only this time both are having the same erotic dream (you know, great minds). The two are stuffed to the brim with huge cocks as they’re fucked nonstop in their ass and, in Krissy’s case, pussy. Who knows why these two have insane dreams of monster cocks. But maybe we’ll find out one day.


I also received something from another artist, Mr. NDC. This one is a simple pinup of Rylee showing off her muscles and cock. There’s also a cum variant as her cock spurts a load out (and she even gives it a taste). You can check out more of his stuff over on tumblr. In the meantime, enjoy!