Another update today and this one should be one a lot will want to check out. First off, we have another commission for Hokaykyo featuring Lana fantasizing about two huge cocks surrounding her. It looks like she’s about to get a taste of one. How long will this dream last? We’ll have to find out!

Speaking of Lana, there’s a new collaboration by Rikolo and me featuring Lana and Rebecca. We spent the last few days working on it, so we hope you enjoy it. Special thanks to sweetpoffin for the sounds. We’ll definitely hear more from her in the future (possibly in words as well :P). There’s a small sample below, but you can check out the full piece over on our Patreons. Just click the links below to pledge yo! And enjoy!

Supro3D’s Patreon

Rikolo’s Patreon