I’ve got a couple of commissions done for sneedham, who some of you might know for Ignition Crisis. I worked on two characters from that universe: Lin Zanova and Veronica Hawke. In the first one, Lin is preparing to take a shower, cautiously entering the shower to ensure no one is watching her. There’s also a futa variant because why not?

The next one features Veronica. This one is actually an updated version of the character as I previously worked on her before in the past. Veronica is still extremely horny as before, but this time has a few toys to help her out. Hopefully she can achieve that oh so powerful orgasm she’s been craving. Enjoy!


While I’m at it, there’s a short animation bit I collaborated with Rikolo on featuring our very own Rylee. You can check it out on either of our Patreons, plus some other stuff. Just click the links below and pledge! Thanks!

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