New update today. I wanted to do something a little different as I was inspired by Devil-HS. If you’ve never seen his work, then you must not visit this site very often. He’s one of my favorite artists and has done a lot of stuff featuring Lana and the girls. You can check them out in the Other Artists gallery (along with other artists) or even his tumblr (he’s got a pretty sexy Batgirl comic up there). Anyway, the first two scenes were done by me while the last was requested on Patreon.

Lana has been having some strange dreams lately of Adrian, but this one take the cake. She imagines him with a cock so huge there’s no way she could ever handle it. Holding the throbbing monster in her hands, she’s in awe by the sheer size and weight of his cock. She just knows she has to take it. Even if it’s a dream, she still imagines how it would feel to take a cock in her ass. But soon her imagination get the best of her as more and more giant cocks sprout around her. Hopefully, this doesn’t end up being a nightmare for her!

Speaking of Devil-HS, I recently was able to get a new commission from them featuring Lana in her Lana Liberty getup. This time, she’s giving an oral lesson to her sidekick Long Boy, teaching him how to be a superhero (in bed). Who knows what adventures await our heroine. You’ll just have to tune in to find out. Until then, enjoy!