Here’s a Patreon request from last month featuring two of DC’s superheroines Power Girl & Wonder Woman. Power Girl knew something was off with Wonder Woman and tried to figure out what that was. But she was shocked to learn that Wonder has a huge cock! But that didn’t scared PG away as she wanted to enjoy WW’s cock by any means necessary. After tittyfucking her for a bit, WW began to penetrate PG’s tight pussy, stretching it out with her thickness. Who knows what else the other heroes are hiding?

As stated, this one was requested through Patreon via Rando Requests. I’ve already posted up the request line for February, so if you’ve got an idea that might interest me, then make a pledge of $5 and post it in this thread. Not only that, but you’ll get early access to artwork releases and WIP content. PLUS I just posted a huge announcement up there (and it concerns our gal Lana), so if you wanna find out what that is, you’ll have to join. Until then, enjoy!