Here’s a few stuff I commissioned from different artists. First up is one of my faves DevilHS featuring Lana Liberty. The issues with shooting a high budget (porn) movie is production troubles. Sometimes you have technical errors. Other times, you picked the wrong person to play the villain. In this case, Lana Liberty’s opponent, a 300 pound muscular benemoth, whimpers at the sight of Lana during a crucial moment. The director is completely in awe at how everything has gone wrong. But at least Lana looks good. 😀


Next up is RandomBoobGuy with Lana getting fucked anally by Adrian. Lana is bent over, eagerly waiting for Adrian’s huge cock to penetrate her ass. Adrian’s cock hovers over her body before being shoved deep inside. Lana loves the feeling of Adrian’s cock stretching her asshole. Before long, he explodes a huge creampie inside her.

Lastly (but certainly not least) is some artwork from Darkereve. First is a simple pic of Lana in some white lingerie. There’s nothing wrong with that. The second features Alexis & Justine posing for a photoshoot. The two are good friends (not that kind) and had some fun on the shoot. You have to wonder what’s next for these (because frankly, I don’t :P). Enjoy and make sure to check out all these artists when you can!