Got a couple of stuff in earlier from RBG (aka RandomBoobGuy) and Devil-HS. First it’s a sketch commission from RBG featuring Lana getting a full nelson anal fucking! Lana doesn’t think she’s all that flexible, but Adrian thought he could help her stretch those muscle out. And also her ass! While fucking her, Adrian grabs a hold of her legs and pulls them closer to her body. Lana never felt this sensation before. Who knows? Maybe she’ll give this another shot. 🙂

Next up is Devil-HS featuring Rylee and Zoey. The two take their sexcapades in the kitchen, making a mess of their surroundings. But they don’t care. Rylee loves fucking Zoey as hard as she can and Zoey loves every inch of Rylee’s thick cock. The only issue is figuring out what to cook for dinner. And when it stop in order to do that.

Both include cumshot versions. Enjoy!