Sorry about the lack of updates again. Ended up being ill again. Hopefully it doesn’t become a recurring thing. Anyway, got some exciting news: At the end of this week (so Saturday), I’ll be releasing my next set Krissy & The Minotaur!

Quick synopsis: In her quest for the legendary weapon, Krissy finds herself face to face (well….) with the guardian of the treasure: The dreaded Minotaur! But the minotaur isn’t looking for a fight, but a fuck! For Krissy, she probably would prefer to fight instead. 😀

The set will feature 80 or so pics featuring (you guessed it) Krissy with a minotaur. There’s still a few scenes left to be completed, but they should be done within the next few days.  In the meantime, enjoy some previews from the set and make sure to check it out on Saturday!