So if you’ve been visiting my tumblr, you would know that there’s been a few people asking me about whether or not Rylee would fuck a guy. Well, it took a while to come up with a scenario and found the best way to introduce the idea. Now I know this isn’t going to be popular for some of you (maybe most of you). So you can go to another update (besides, why are you looking at these old updates anyway?).

Rylee’s primal urges have started to get the better of her. But this time, instead of a female to fuck, she wants something more masculine. Zoey offers to help her satisfy that need (for the right price) and get her a guy to fuck. Rylee thinks about it for a while, but trusts Zoey in helping her. But it wasn’t until Rylee realized who she got: A guy who looks just like Zoey! Rylee questioned Zoey about this, but Zoey tells her how this guy is a huge fan and will do anything to please her, even if it means taking one up the ass.

Rylee is hesitant about doing it, but her libido overtakes her, causing her to ravage the male’s ass like no business. Meanwhile, Zoey is happy with the transaction and even enjoys having the best seat in the house. She wonders who else she can get for Rylee to fuck….