New update. This one was commissioned by Amaterasu and features MeyMey hanging out with some of the Intrigue3D girls. After a hard day of work, MeyMey decides to relax at one of the premier clubs in the city, Club Dragon. As one of the VIPs, she gets the club’s full treatment: Her own private room, champagne, and a selection of girls to keep her company. And today she came on a good day as some of the girls from Dazzle Entertainment will be partaking a one night only event. Knowing them from previous encounters, she decides to have Lana and Zoey join her while also selecting Krissy and the newest girl at the club Jessica. While the club’s rules are laxed about intimate relations happening in their rooms, they don’t try to stop it as they prefer to have their customers as happy as possible.

After some small chitchat, MeyMey asks if the girls could help relieve some stress in her lower regions. The girls are ecstatic, especially Lana, Zoey and Krissy, who proceeds to give MeyMey’s monster cock an oral examination, massaging her cock with their lips and tongue. As the veterans are going to town on MeyMey’s cock, new girl Jessica become enamored by the bulging muscles on MeyMey, rubbing the shoulders and biceps with such glee. MeyMey is thrilled by the service she’s getting. The next time the girls are back at the club, MeyMey will surely be there to get another VIP experience. Enjoy!