New stuff for today. This one was recently commissioned by Super-Badger and features Zoey restrained and fucked silly. After doing some simple porn shoots, Zoey wanted to get a little rough for her next one. So he enlisted the help of Johnny, who was more than willing to give her the D. They crew arrived at the old warehouse where they proceeded to cuff Zoey to the bed. After that, it was time for the action! Sure, they really into it with Zoey almost blanking out from the sex and Johnny pulling on her mohawk. But it was completely after Johnny gave her one gigantic creampie! For Zoey, it was a nice diversion that brought her back to her old roots. But you have to wonder what she’s gonna do after this. 😉 Enjoy!

zoeycuffed_01 zoeycuffed_02 zoeycuffed_03 zoeycuffed_04 zoeycuffed_05