New artwork from two of my favorite artists with their take on Lana. First up is from Zet13. He held a commission special, which I couldn’t turn down. So I got one of Lana showing off a bit, with her breasts pushed closer together with her hands on her thighs. I wonder what she’s looking, especially in the nude. 😀 Next up is Ninja-Kitty. NK held a 1-2-3 square raffle on Hentai Foundry, which I of course won (the randomizer knew Lana was an entry and gravitated towards here :D). Here, we got Lana sucking on some cocks. Really love the saliva marking how deep she went. And while those cocks are ready to cum, she isn’t done by a long shot. Enjoy these pics and definitely check out the HF profiles of Zet13 and Ninja-Kitty. If you aren’t in love with their work, you should be. Enjoy!