Well, that was some weekend. Lana Loves is finally out. I want to thank you guys for supporting over the last few years and those who took the time to get Lana Loves. I definitely feel like making more sets for you in the future, but I still haven’t hit my target goal. Once I can do that, I can upgrade my rig, allowing me to make more sexy stuff faster and better. 🙂 So if you haven’t purchased it yet, do so by clicking the banner on the side. I would greatly appreciate it.


As you can see, Lana is relaxing now. She’s got her cup of coffee (in the big time!) and just kickin’ back with her feet on the desk. I’m thinking of doing the same soon. After my current commission load, I’ll be taking a short break (real short since I get bored quite easily :D). Though, starting tomorrow, I’ll be daily stuff daily for the next few days. I have a lot of stuff completed that I need to show you guys, so stay tuned for that tomorrow. On one of those days, I should a quick survey for those who bought LL so I can get their thoughts on it, letting me know what they like, don’t like, and who they wanna see next. I’ll also have an announcement about opening commissions again soon. I will say there’s no major changes to the pricing, but there will be changes to the rules to help prioritize orders better for everyone. Anyway, let’s see what tomorrow brings!