It’s been about a month since we last saw Cindy being used as a test subject for Lali’s Bits from Erogenesis. Now that the product is available for Poser users (still testing out the DAZ version), I’d thought I’d give Cindy one final test before I give her time off to rest (seriously, she’s gonna need it :D). Last time, we saw her take vaginally and anally. But how about at the same time? 🙂

Cindy now have to face the wrath of a second cock joining in. As her pussy is being fucked, the second guy tries to fit his cock inside her mouth. She clearly doesn’t have the mouth skills like some of the other girls as his cock’s head doesn’t even fit inside her mouth. But he knows another place it will fit. They flip her around and start fucking her ass and pussy at the same time. Cindy’s mind is melting from this sensation. Their huge cocks stretching out and violating her holes. It isn’t too much longer before they finish as they each take turns coming inside her pussy. After fucking her, they sit Cindy up for a photo still to commemorate the occasion. Cindy puts her hands up in Victory for successfully completing the task. Maybe next time we can give something that would really test her limits. 🙂

Cindy_10 Cindy_11 Cindy_12 Cindy_13

I also did two poses as requested by PJ23, who wanted to see how the morphs look in certain poses. Anyway, it’s gonna be a while before we see Cindy again. Until then enjoy!

Cindy_14 Cindy_15