I should hate myself for doing a pun. Anyway, two new pics for today. It’s from a commission I did recently did for Churchill. You might remember Fyre Melons from earlier last month. Well, it seems like she’s continuing her career in porn with some HUGE help (again with these puns!). Fyre seems a little worried about having a cock that big inside her. They start off slowly, going in inch by inch. It starts to feel good for Fyre. Too good in fact. Fyre starts screaming, “Fuck me more! Harder! Faster!” as her eyes start to glow green. Her juices flow even more as his cock continues to penetrate deep inside her pussy. She loses all thought and inhibition, screaming at the top of her lungs as she comes. After the deed is done, Fyre returns to normal, collecting her thoughts on what will be her new career. Enjoy!