So remember a month ago where DirtyMonkey did a pic of Lana being anally fucked and cummed all over. Of course you do. 🙂 Anyway, we have the sequel of that pic. After the fuckfest, Lana is drenched in cum from head to toe. She’s a mess and needs some cleaning up. Luckily, her two friends (I’ll let you guess who they are ;)) see her and help out using the one tool God gave them: Their tongues! The girls started to lick the cum off of Lana, but become turned on by the smell, the taste, the texture. They being to lose control and soon enough their own bodies are rubbing up on Lana’s, getting themselves covered in cum. No matter. When you’re having fun, you can’t help yourself. 😀 Enjoy the pic and the cumless version in case you’re not big on girls slathered in cum.

I wanna thank DirtyMonkey for this piece. This guy does amazing and I wholeheartedly recommend checking out his stuff and getting a commission. Check his artwork over at Hentai-Foundry now!