Got a new pic featuring Lana. I had this one done a couple of weeks ago, but saved it for this occasion. Wanted to play around with the setting in Lux and ended up coming with this. I’m not super happy with how Lana’s face came out (she looks 10-15 years older than planned), but the details are what I expected (that being excellent) Enjoy!

Now onto the updates. First off, the CG set I’ve been working on. I’ve announced it a couple of months back and haven’t updated you all about it since. Well, that’s because progress has been slower than it should be, which I’m not happy about. Commissions are my main financial source, so I have to keep working on those. Though, I have made some progress in the past few weeks and I should have a preview of something over the weekend. 🙂

Secondly, commissions. Currently, I’m still open. But I’m putting people on reserve lists at this time. Though, at the rate I’m moving, I clear out a spot or two within a week. So if you’re looking for one, contact me.

Third, site move. It’s basically a done deal at this point. But it’s gonna cost a bit (my last host was with a friend). So if you wanna help ease the burden, there’s three things you can do: 1) Get a commission from me. 2) Sign up for any of the paysites sprinkled around the site. I promise you they are quality sites and you’ll get your money’s worth (I’ve been a member on a few). 3) Donate. This is the least wanted option for me because I don’t feel like getting something without getting something. But if you wanna help the site out, you can by doing so. I might have to make something nifty for it. 🙂

Anyway, that’s all for today. Thanks!