Sorry about the month-long delay in updates on the site. Been busy with other stuff which put this site on the backburner. But I have some news! I’ll be releasing a new title called Magnum Johnson this coming Thursday!

Lana checks out a story Adrian has written featuring him as the titular character trying to solve the case of a missing girl. Along the way, he looks for clues for her disappearance and meets up with several girls who can help him out (in more ways than one). Magnum Johnson stars Adrian along with Lana, Krissy, Elizabeth, Zoey, Rylee & Kiara in a sexy noir that should please.

Here are a couple of previews from the set. If you wanna see more (along with a secret mini-set included), then be sure to check it out when it’s available this Thursday!

Big shout-out to Nuflash for commissioning this story!