Got a random assortment of stuff for today. Most of these were requested through Patreon, which I have some details about recent updates to the current tiers below. Anyway, let’s kick things off with some Evil Lana & Vampire Zoey. Evil Lana uses her massive futa cock to fuck a helpless Vamp Zoey into submission. Hopefully, we’ll see more mischief with these two evil doers.

Next up is another scene featuring Raider Krissy with Tribal Rylee. This time, Tribal Rylee holds her prey up in the air, fucking Krissy to her hearts content. If you wanna check out the original series this was based off, just click here.

We also have a quick shower scene featuring June fucking Rylee with Rylee’s tits pressed up on the glass while June rides her from behind. Looks like a bath time got a whole lot fun (for those two at least :D).

Speaking of June, we also have a quick look at one of her jobs: A product tester for the company Lana works at. After June uses it, she gives a glowing reivew to Lana. Hopefully, they’ll be more models for to choose from in the future.

And lastly, we have a piece commissioned by Sgt. Buck featuring their character Krissy posing on a motorcycle. Something SFW for those who like using my stuff for wallpapers. 🙂

So about the Patreon update: Beginning next month, there will be a few changes made to the current tiers I have at the moment.

First off, the $15 tier will be no more. I found it to be both costly and hard for people to commit to. So, it will be replaced by two new tiers: A $10 and $20 tier.

$10 Tier will give you access to up to two titles of your choice (this includes store releases and also Patreon-exclusive sets). You’ll also get access to the monthly 4K wallpaper and a 10% discount on commissions. This is a great deal for anyone who’s in the $5 tier and wants to support a little more.

$20 Tier will give you access to the entire library (store releases and Patreon-exclusive sets), plus the 4K wallpaper and a 20% discount on commissions. Not only that, but you will receive a 10+ exclusive image set at this tier. I am releasing a 60 image set next month featuring some commissioned characters, which you’ll be able able to get when it’s released.

$30 Tier will for the most part stay the same with a monthy image request featuring tow Intrigue3D characters. The only major difference is that the commission discount is now 30% off instead of the previous 30%.

Lastly, I will be opening a premium $50 tier. This tier will allow you to commission a custom image featuring a character of YOUR choice (this includes your own OC) along with an Intrigue3D girl or a male. You can also replace your own character with two Intrigue3D characters, giving you a total of 3 to use for your monthly request. Commission discount is also 30% off like previous tier.

Please note: Certain characters/commissions may be refused due to difficulty or content. So before signing up for this tier, please contact me with info about what you’re looking for.

Currently, only 2 $50 tiers will be made available as a test. If this works out, I may open more on either the $30 and $50 depending on demand and workload. If you have any questions, let me know below and I’ll look over them.