Sorry about the long wait between updates, but here’s a commission I did a while ago for Mizuki Nagano featuring their titular character: A strong and powerful dickgirl with a cum load that could drown any normal girl. Luckily for her, she’s got Krissy & Rylee to help her out in releasing her hot cream all over. As the two double titfuck Mizuki’s ever-growing cock, she becomes ecstatic and launches a fountain of cum everywhere. Yet she’s not completely empty. The two decide to rub her cock with their pussies (yes, Rylee is just a girl in this scenario) to help ease out the rest of the mess, leaving the three completely soaked. After that, Krissy & Rylee each give Mizuki a little kiss on the cheek, maybe hinting for another round in the future.

I also a few bonus pinups featuring Mizuki and her monster cock, along with showing off dem muscles. Enjoy!