Ghostly Fun

Let’s make things a little spooky as we got the big tittied ghost girl for today’s update. First up is a continuation of an older scene where the ghost girl fucks a guy in a bed, but now takes his cock up her ass. It seems like every time she makes an appearance for him, it’s always something new for her. 😀

Speaking of new, how about the ghost girl interacting with Rylee? Somehow, Rylee ends up in a spooky place and finds herself confronted by the ghost. But the ghost girl doesn’t want to scare Rylee as much as fuck her. Who knows? Maybe these two will cross paths again in the near future (actually, they did and you can check it out right now on Patreon).

To finish off the ghost train, I got a commission for Typhos47 featuring some pinups of the ghost girl. With tits and ass like those, I wouldn’t mind having her haunt my dreams. Anyway, enjoy!

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  1. Shion December 12, 2018 at 4:54 pm - Reply

    The ghost girl looks like an adult version of American McGee’s Alice. ^^

    I like her.. Nice work

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