Coming Soon: Workout 2

So quick announcement: I'm working on Workout 2! Rylee returns in this title, but this time she meets another girl who also is hiding a big secret! During the wee-hours of the night, Rylee tries to get her fit on. With no one around, she decides to get herself comfortable (i.e. naked) while she pumps [...]

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The Art Of Fucking – AVAILABLE NOW

What? A second title already?! It's true! And this time, Kiara is back in her newest adventure as she meets a local artist who gives her a painting that she really REALLY loves. Check it out in The Art Of Fucking, now available! Kiara meets Scarlett, who inquires about doing a full nude painting of [...]

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Coming Soon: The Art Of Fucking Featuring Kiara!

I've got a title coming out on July 28th and this one features Kiara's long-awaited return! The official title is "The Art of Fucking featuring Kiara" with a simple premise: Kiara has a painting done of her by  local artist Scarlet. After seeing the finished piece, Kiara is impressed, but Scarlet has one more idea [...]

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Krissy And The Minotaur

The brave Krissy is in search for a legendary sword, but before she can retrieve it, she's stopped by the guardian of the land: The massive Minotaur! But luckily, the Minotaur isn't looking for a fight. He's looking to fuck! Krissy knows that the challenge ahead of her will be difficult, but if she has [...]

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Coming Soon: Krissy & The Minotaur

Sorry about the lack of updates again. Ended up being ill again. Hopefully it doesn't become a recurring thing. Anyway, got some exciting news: At the end of this week (so Saturday), I'll be releasing my next set Krissy & The Minotaur! Quick synopsis: In her quest for the legendary weapon, Krissy finds herself face [...]

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The New Krissy + Announcement!

Time to reveal the redesign of Krissy! Like Lana, some of the changes were made to better accommodate the new model while some of them were to revamp the character and give her a completely different feel. This time I consulted with Krissy's creator Sgt. Buck on these changes. One of the bigger changes made [...]

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