I have a big announcement that I want to share with you and how you can help! So listen closely darnit! Over the past few months, I’ve been in talks with fellow artist Rikolo about doing a collaboration. After much discussion, I am currently proud to announce that we are set to release a joint [...]

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The Art Of Fucking: More Previews

Quick update before the release on Thursday. Outside of postwork, I'm 95% done with the title, meaning I'll be done rendering that sometime tomorrow. The main portion of the set will look to be over 90+ images. I'm also including pinup shots of Scarlet and if there's time, some of Kiara. You can check some [...]

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Lana’s Cum Shower

New update for today. This one was commissioned by Vader120 and is sort of an extension of Lana's Fuck Fest (well, mainly the scene). In what would be considered a deleted scene, Lana decided she wanted even more cum than before and tells the guys to squirt another huge load onto her. The guys naturally [...]

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Lana Liberty Update + Art By Devil-HS

I'm very close to finishing up Lana Liberty Vs. The Mistress. There's a few things left to do before it's done, but I'm pretty confident in how it's looking so far. Anyway there's a few things I can share with you. The title will go on sale this Saturday at the Affect3D Store for $12.95, [...]

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Krissy Loves Coming This Saturday!

That's right! Krissy Loves will be out this Saturday and will be available at the Affect3D Store! I'm still finalizing some stuff before release, but the title is for the most part done. I worked with Krissy's creator SergeantBuck in making sure justice has been done to Krissy. And luckily, SB likes what he's seen. [...]

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Zoey Gets Fucked (Over) Update + Winners

The release of ZGFO is imminent. There's a couple of things I'm still finalizing, but it will be ready this Saturday. I ended up adding a bit more since my last update. This is a pretty hefty set. I'm probably thinking my next one won't be as big, but we'll have to see when that [...]

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The rendering stage of the comic is done, so I might as well make the announcement. This Saturday will be the release of Zoey Gets Fucked (Over) over on Affect3D Store! That's right! It will finally be out! As we're closing in, I should probably go into some more detail about the title. As stated [...]

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