Bunch O’ Stuff

Sorry for the lack of updates. Time flies when you're not paying attention. I'm still in the process of getting some updates/upgrades done to the site, though it's gonna be a while longer. In any case, I have a few things to post featuring some of your characters including a few requests from Patreon. To [...]

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Bunch Of Stuff 2

Sorry about the lack of updates here. I've been working on several things and time sorta slipped by. I may have something big to announce within this month or next. But there's still some things that are being worked on right now. Anyway, since I'm behind on posting, I've got a bunch of stuff for [...]

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Bunch Of Stuff

Hope you all had a fun Halloween. I know it's a day or two off, but I have a hodge podge of assorted goodies previously posted on Patreon. There's stuff featuring Lana, Zoey, Rylee, Krissy, Alexis, Cindy, Kiara, Justine and a couple of other familiar characters you may have seen from comics and/or movies. Enjoy! [...]

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Rylee’s Training Exercise + Update

Last commissioned piece from Super-Badger for the time being. This one features Rylee with an unnamed male character. Don't worry. The guy is fucking her and not the other way around. This young guy is looking to get muscular in order to pick up chicks. Rylee tries to help him, but realizes it's hopeless until [...]

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Cheer For Alison! (Commission)

Worked on a few commissions for evilhero2517 featuring their character Alison. And now she's back! This time, she's a cheerleader. The Cougars are only one game away from winning and Alison wants to make sure her cheering is pitch perfect. So she decides to practice a few moves that will surely give her team the [...]

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Alison Meets The Girls

New update for today. This one was commissioned by evilhero2517 and features their character Alison (whom we met before) interacting with some of the girls of Intrigue3D. Alison always wanted to work with the girls, so once she was invited to a guest shoot she naturally obliged. She was a little starstruck at first, seeing [...]

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Cindy/Kiara Commission

New stuff for today. This commission was done for Cirusete and features Cindy & Kiara. Kiara is joined by Cindy on the stage where they give several of the patrons a show. Kiara gives Cindy a hard fucking in all her holes before leaving a nice creampie inside Cindy's ass. I've also uploaded that Cindy [...]

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Cindy’s Bukkake Dream Commission

Got this commissioned not too long ago from neomonoxide (who previously commissioned this) featuring Cindy. Cindy has some strange fucking dreams (quite literally!). Her most recent one found her at the park, sitting on the bench. She sees a bunch of the biggest massive cocks in front of her. These beasts are bigger than her [...]

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