Written by Sgt. Buck

My first time? You mean my first time being filmed, right? Yeah, that was…awkward at best. I don’t think it was because of anything I did. Let’s just wind the clock back to the middle of the three years I spent in art school. College life is all about living dime to dime, and you’ll do just about anything for a little extra cash, right?

I was nineteen, that stage where everything you’ve learned in high school feels like a complete lie. Granted, an art school isn’t gonna teach you that much beyond drawing, color theory, balancing…anyway, I’ll stop before I bore you. Mom kept telling me to drop out, offered to get me a job at an office complex or something like that. A “proper job” as she called it. I guess waiting tables at a bar didn’t really count in her eyes. My dad was just happy that I was doing something besides living at home.

Of course, I didn’t exactly have a lot of spending money at the time and my paychecks were few and far between. A part time job was nice and the pay was decent, but with school chewing up most of my time, not to mention all the cash I had to shell out for books and supplies, I was barely getting by. And then in one little period everything just seemed to go tits-up.

For three weeks, the Firebelly was closed for remodeling. Most of my coworkers were full-time employees, so this gave them all a chance for a nice little vacation. I figured the lack of a paycheck wouldn’t be so bad. I could focus on my painting assignments, and fit in a little self-tattoo with markers to boot around attending my daily classes. It all started the first Friday of my downtime.

I love motorcycles. Like, I love them to death. My dad had bought me a Harley for my sixteenth birthday and I’d been driving that for the longest time. Hell, I still have it in my garage. I did my best to take care of it, but I’m no mechanic. On Thursday it’d started to spit some blue fumes out of the tailpipe, so I took it into a shop a block from my apartment the next morning. I didn’t get much of what the mechanic was saying, just that some crucial part would need replacing. Two days of repairs and parts brought the total to about seven hundred bucks. I probably had four hundred to my name.

Fuck me, right?

My parents wouldn’t give me any money, or rather my mom wouldn’t. Dad was on a business trip to London, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to call Mom and ask for money. I’d end up with a lecture about why I should own a car instead. I could tell the guy I wasn’t going to fix the bike, but it’d be undriveable. It’d take me two hours to walk the five miles to school, and like hell was I gonna do that with a bag full of art supplies. I had no choice.

I told the mechanic to get started.

Like any lost student I wanted to find a spot to curl up and cry. I was going to be three hundred dollars in debt or face losing my bike. Rather than save what little money I had, drowning my sorrows with coffee sounded like a better idea. I took a walk downtown to a local coffee shop, a hole in the wall place that I’d been frequenting since I’d moved out. I got my usual breve espresso and stared blankly into the beverage. What the hell was I supposed to do? Work knew damn well that I didn’t have the time to work full time, and the shop would probably sell my bike before I didn’t even realize two guys had approached my table until one of them spoke.

“Hey gorgeous,” one of them said. “You alright?”

I was used to getting compliments from the drunks at the bar. I remember one of them said I looked too young to have a supermodel’s ass. I heard almost every night, and it never really bothered me. As I’d done at the bar to keep conversation going, I replied without looking up.

“Yeah,” I said, not really trying to hide my bitterness. “About as alright as a girl without her Harley can be.”

Without really thinking about it I started spewing all the details about my mom and the mechanical issues with my bike. I hadn’t even bothered to look up. One of the two guys was skinny, had a set of glasses on. Called himself Rob. Rob looked more like the guys I saw walking away from tech school than the filmmaking stuff he was talking about. He said that his friend Jerry here was an actor looking to make a demo tape for auditions. My brain tuned out most of it until I heard the words: “We’ll pay you for your time.”

“Pay me? What do you mean?”

“You seem like a nice and, uh…fairly attractive young woman. Just what we need to complete our film.” Rob said. “Think you’d want to be part of our project? We’ll pay you a thousand bucks.”

“Wait…what? A grand?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Enough to pay off my bike so soon? Too fucking perfect.

“A grand for an audition tape? There has to be a catch. Since when do you just offer a random college chick a thousand dollars?”

“Since every other girl we know turned us down,” Jerry said. “Look, it’ll be two days of filming. We’ll pay you five-hundred bucks each day. Hell, if we like what we get on the first day you’ll get the full amount.”

I took a moment to size Jerry up. He kept his brown hair trimmed and well maintained, and from the looks of things he dressed a little too well to be an average actor-in-training. His clean jeans, his polo shirt, even his shoes seemed a little too nice. Either this guy was terrible or they desperately needed some outside help. I didn’t really think it through at the time. All I knew is that I wanted my Harley back.

“What do you need me to do?” I asked.

“Well, uh…I hate to ask you this,” Rob said. “Do you have a place we could shoot at? We can’t really find a good set for our film. Just a living room will do.”

“Uh…sure. You guys can use my apartment, I guess.” Looks like I’d be doing a little cleanup when I got home.

We’d exchanged numbers and agreed to meet up later that evening to start filming. They’d asked me to wear something kinda revealing. I asked if they wanted me to wear something that showed off my tatts, and they said that was a bonus. I only had the tribal sleeves at the time and I hadn’t yet dyed my hair from my natural brown to the violet-red fade I’ve got going now. I guess that was normal enough for their “indie film” as Rob kept calling it.

They showed up at around six, had a look around. I’d spent most of the day picking things up in the living room and shoving them into my bedroom so I could deal with them later. The guys looked around, said I had a nice place and something about how my striped couch would be the perfect place. A red flag went up when Rob started asking about noise complaints.

“Well, no…I’ve never gotten any, anyways. I don’t think we have to actually be quiet until around ten. Why?”

“Things might get a little, uh…noisy.”

“Noisy? Like, am I supposed to be arguing with Jerry?”

“No, not like that,” Rob said.

What the hell were they on about? “Is there a script? Lines or something I need to memorize?”

Rob started to laugh. “Nah, it’s all improvised. We’ll ask you a few questions to start with, your name and where you’re from, all that jazz. It’s a standard thing that we do with all of our, uh…volunteers.”

I heard Jerry go into the bathroom and shut the door.

“You guys go ahead and get started,” Jerry shouted from behind the door. “I’m just gonna prep myself in here.”

I had a seat on the couch as I watched Rob pull his camera out of his backpack. It was a little smaller than I thought it’d be, but it definitely looked pricey. Whatever these guys were filming, they weren’t sparing any expense to make it look good. He set up a telescoping tripod in front of the camera, mounted and secured it, then spent a few minutes staring through the port at me.

“Gotta make sure I get the angle and focus right, heh,” he said.

I was too busy going over exactly what these guys were trying to set up. No script, minimalistic set, revealing clothes, a co-star that looked like he spent a ton of time in the gym, expensive camera equipment…

Oh my god, I thought. I’m gonna be in a porn flick.

Now I understand why Rob was giving me such a weird look when he saw me laughing my ass off.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

“Nothing. Just…oh, wow am I dumb.” It was too late to turn back now. They were here, all set up, and I sure as hell needed that money. Fuck it, what the hell could go wrong? The red light on the camera began to glow. Showtime.

“Alright gorgeous,” Rob began. “Got ourselves a very lovely college lady today. Found her at a local coffee shop and she seemed like she needed a little more than an espresso shot. What’s your name, beautiful?”

“Krissy,” I answered, keeping my hands folded in my lap and a smile on my face.

“Perfect. Pretty name for a pretty girl. Where you from?”

“Ellensburg, Washington.”

“Washington, huh? You must be quite a long ways from home, then. What is it you do for a living, Krissy?”

“I’m a waitress-slash-bartender. Not exactly my dream job, but it’s a living.”

“Get a lot of tips?”

“Yeah, if it’s a busy night. Not so bad, really.”

“You told us you’re in college earlier. What’re you studying?”

“Art, mostly. I wanna get into body art. You know, tattoos and stuff.”

“Very nice. Those sleeves you’ve got now, did you do those?”

“No, I went to a little tattoo parlor back home. It was a birthday present to myself.” I didn’t mention that my best friend did them for me.

“Anything you like to do in your spare time, Krissy?”

“Bikes,” I answered. “I love taking my Harley out for a cruise if I get a day off.”

“Ooh, biker chick? Talk about a bonus.”

“Yeah! I taught myself how to play guitar too.”

“Oh, is that so? What sorta stuff do you play?”

“Oh, a little mix. Alice In Chains, Screaming Trees, Tool, mostly heavier tunes.”

Was I gonna need to put my whole life on video? That seemed like a ton of questions for a “routine” part of filming. I guess if it was for a guy to know what I was into, more was better. What was next, my worst high school teacher?

Rob nodded behind the camera. “Nice stuff indeed. You’re awfully pretty for…how old are you again?”

“Nineteen. I’ll be twenty in July.”

“One year closer to drinking, eh?”

“As if age is stopping me!”

That got him to laugh. “Let’s get a nice little closeup of our model here.”

I watched Rob detach the camera, swinging low to get a look at my bust from below. He came up from there, stopping on my cleavage for a bit before coming up to my face. I gave him a wide, honest smile that only a waitress could put on.

“Ever done anything like this before?” the cameraman asked.

“No, can’t say I have. My last ex wanted to try it, but I never really made time for it.”

“Does it make you uncomfortable?”

“Nah, I just…I guess I haven’t tried it before.” If he didn’t have a hint that I was on to his little game before, he did now.

“How about you take that top off, hm? Let’s get a little friendlier with you, missy.”

I’d neglected to wear a bra, more out of comfort than hope of undressing. Without much forethought, I lifted my low-cut shirt up over my head, shaking my head about as I let him get a good look at my tits. His jaw dropped, so I took that as I good sign. I ran my fingers over them a few times, giving them a little jiggle. What he expected me to do was beyond me, but I figured as long as that mouth was open I was doing something right.

“Man, you got yourself a nice set of titties. I mean, really.”

I kept playing with them for a little bit, making them bounce in my palms. He asked me to put my hands behind my head and shake my breasts about, I did so but I couldn’t keep myself from giggling. This was all stuff I did in the shower, or in front of the mirror as some playful little fantasy. And here I was doing it for real. Getting paid for it, too!

“Alright, fun stuff we got here. How about you turn around and take those jeans off, huh? Give us a good look at your backside.”


I turned around and knelt on the couch, leaning forward to give my butt a little more definition. It felt a little weird at first, try to slide the denim off my ass while it was stretched so tight but eventually I managed. I didn’t really think about leaving them around my ankles, I just kicked them off and sat there in my undies, grabbing my butt while Rob came in for a closer shot.

“Nice,” he said. “Very nice indeed, Krissy. This is gonna be a fun one.”

I looped my thumbs under my panties, loosening them to tease the camera. After a little bit of tugging I pulled them off and turned back around, sitting naked on my couch. I folded my hands in my lap, waiting for Rob’s next cue. Behind him, the clock on my tiny dining room table read that half an hour had gone by. How much more did we have to do?

“Alright, well, we got a friend who’s really looking forward to meeting you and that gorgeous ass of yours. Ready, Jerry?”
“All set,” my co-star replied. I hadn’t thought of him of a co-star until after we’d filmed everything.

He came around the corner and I felt my jaw go slack. I’d dated plenty of guys before, don’t get me wrong. I’d probably had four little flings before I got to college. But Jerry…I mean now he doesn’t really compare to Adrian, Johnny or even Rylee, but this guy was hung. They might as well have walked a horny stallion into the room. He sat beside me on the couch and leaned back.

“Well, whatcha think?” he said, massaging his dick with his legs sprawled open.

“I think we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

I started things off slow at first, just stroking his dick to get a feel for it. How could he even stand getting a hard on? The thing was so wide I could hardly get my fingers around it. Jerry leaned in and, more or less, started to make out with me. It felt a little weird, at first, the way he kissed. Really messy, like an excited dog. I was too horny to really think about it like that. I started things off by kissing the tip of his dick, the next thing I know I feel a hand on the back of my head.

“Go on, babe,” he said. “Start sucking it.”

I swallowed the lump in my throat. Would he dislocate my jaw? I opened my mouth as wide as I could go and let his cock slide in between my lips. I felt it press against the back of my throat and took in a sharp breath through my nose. The last thing I needed was for him to facefuck me.

Surprisingly, he let me go at my own pace. His rough hands pulled my hair away from my face, just so Rob could get a better shot of me sucking on him. I did to him what I’d done to countless other guys, but his size made it a little different. I lost count of how many times I had to let his cock curve into my throat to reach his balls. I was surprised I could deepthroat him at all. A finger brushed against my pussy and I started to shiver, prompting a laugh from Jerry.

“This isn’t your first first time, is it?” he asked. I replied with a muted “uh-uh.”

“Perfect,” Rob said. “That’ll make this a lot easier.”

I kept sucking on his cock while Rob dismounted the camera and changed angles, trying to get a better look at me. Jerry meanwhile hadn’t stopped teasing me. I started to giggle as he slid a finger into my muff, just the tip to get my engine revved.

“Alrighty,” Jerry said as he let go of my hair. “I think she’s ready.”

With that, I stopped sucking and sat up. Jerry made a circular motion with his finger, asking me to turn around. I did so, biting my lip as I tried not to think about that big cock pressing against me. His rough hands gently gripped my sides as his tip brushed against my muff. I couldn’t help it. I let out a low moan as his shaft filled me up.

I was liking this line of work already.

I shook my ass, I rolled my hips, I was his for almost a solid hour. He fucked me cowgirl-style on the couch, spanked me while I rode his cock. I sucked him off on the carpet. I’d never fucked for so long in my life, and I was shocked he’d managed to last twenty minutes, pro or not. We fucked in the bathroom, he bent me over the kitchen counter. This wasn’t lovemaking, far from it. This was guilt-free, full-on pleasure sex. The biggest thing I can recall in all the rough, romanceless fucking we did was how it ended.

I hadn’t kept track of how long we’d be going, but Jerry had me on my back on the floor with Rob standing behind him, camera over his shoulder focused on that cock going in and out of my pussy. I’d been spent a while ago and had to resorted to drawn-out, sexy moans. That seemed to be enough, but I could see that Jerry was fading. His thrusts started to become slower, deeper, harder, and I gasped as I felt his cock pulse inside me.

“Nnnhh…you ready, Krissy?”

“Ready for what?”

He didn’t respond. The next thing I felt was his cock going hilt-deep into my eager pussy. His dick throbbed again, and I was met with a warm, sticky sensation between my legs. Oh, hell…did he just…did he really just do that?

I sat up and looked down as his cock slid out of me, a thick trail of cum leaking from his tip to my messed-up crotch. Cum was leaking out onto the carpet, followed by a few stray spurts across my leg. The last time a guy had done that with me, he’d worn a condom.

“Beautiful,” Rob said as he panned up to my face. “How was that for you, Krissy?”

I smiled into the camera, cheeks flushed from all the sex. “You boys better call me back.”

And that was just the beginning.

About a week after Firebellies opened back up, I came in for my usual Thursday closing shift. It wasn’t too busy, actually pretty dead for a Thursday. I was behind the bar, preparing to take the grates back and spray them off. We had about an hour left until the bar closed. When I came back out with the grates, a customer had come in. He seemed a little classier than most other guys that showed up, wearing a fancy blue polo and a silver watch. I didn’t recognize him, but he certainly recognized me.

“Well, hello there,” he said with a wide smile. His charm seemed a little more forced than Jerry and Rob’s. “I think you’re just the girl I wanted to see.”

“What can I get for you?” I offered, pulling a glass from the dishwasher.

“A number five,” he says. “A stout sounds nice.”

I poured him a beer and set it on a coaster, before going back to putting the grates below the taps. The stranger pulled his phone out, sliding his finger around on the screen while he sipped at his drink.

“Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?” he asks. I shook my head.

“I don’t think so,” I replied.

“Oh yeah, I think I have.” He turned his phone towards me, showing off a high-definition image of Jerry fucking me on the couch…then another in the hallway. I didn’t speak, I didn’t move. I couldn’t even think straight.

“My name’s Lyle,” he said, extending a hand. “I work for Red Door Films and we’d love to have you do a little work with us. Shoot some pictures, for starters, maybe hook you up for a movie with one of our guys.”

“Uh…” I stammered. How was I supposed to work this in? And what if my parents found out?

“We’ll start you out at four thousand a month, signing bonus of five grand if you sign on with us by the end of next week. If things go well from there, we could ”

All I could hear in my head were dollar signs. I put in my two weeks notice at Firebellies the next day, giving my boss some bullshit about how school was dumping more work on me and I needed to prioritize. In truth it had, but the money I’d be making doing porn? Far more. I dove in headfirst.
Fridays became my photo shoot days. I’d pose for a camera for hours in a wide variety of outfits. Bikinis, maid outfits, blouses and skirts; you name it, I wore it; the maid outfits were awful, all frilly and lacy. I felt like one of those stuck-up rich girls. Saturdays and Sundays were filming days, matching me up with a bunch of hung guys. Gangbangs, blowjobs, anal, being able to do all the hardcore stuff was a bonus. Hell, at Lyle’s recommendation I dyed my hair to what it is now and added another tattoo.

I stayed with Red Door for a bit, at least until Lana came along. I was in the middle if a shoot when they showed up, watching me do a little naked modeling. Some guy named Sandrick was at her side, opposite Lyle. They said something about doing a threeway, the next thing I know the cameras are rolling, I’ve got a dildo in Lana and her boss is halfway inside me! Intrigue eventually bought out Red Door, and now my best coworker’s become my best friend.

All in all, not a bad gig, eh?