Written by Supro with help from Lucia

If you’re looking for a story about a girl who lived in a broken home or was sexually abused as a child and became a porn star because of that, then you’re sadly mistaken. I didn’t have a horrible childhood like some of the porn stars you’re probably thinking of. In fact, I didn’t even have a perfect one. I simply had an average childhood. There were good times, bad times and some moments in my life that made me go WTF. But there wasn’t anything remotely wrong or special with my life.

My father worked as a franchise manager for a sandwich shop chain, while my mom worked in retail. We weren’t rich by any means, but my parents made sure my siblings (my older brother and younger sister), and I never went to sleep hungry. They loved me and even supported my decision to become a writer. Though, of course, they didn’t warm up to me when I decided on doing this career until a few years ago. The only thing they told me was never to let my sister know what I’m really doing for a living. It’s kinda difficult to do that whenever she visits, but I’ve been able to keep her in the dark about it.

In college, I was basically a bookworm; I didn’t go out partying or anything. I was always in my dorm or the library, just reading or studying for my next exam. I kinda kept to myself during my time there. Just reading, writing and trying to raise my C average to a B. The guys didn’t notice me like the other girls on campus, the ones who would get drunk and show off their breasts to whomever was holding the camera. I was basically invisible with my plain-looking hair, thick glasses and, I’m guessing, boring demeanor. They didn’t see me as a wild party animal, probably because they thought I was one of those strict people who didn’t believe in fun. So they never spoke to me. The only guy who did talk to me was my best friend Tyler, but that’s a tale for another day.

I remember hearing a rumor going around about a movie studio looking for a couple bit parts for a new film or something. They even had an ad on the campus bulletin board on a red piece of paper. I remember what it said as clear as day. “Looking for girls to star in new movie. Must be between 18-25 years of age. No acting experience required!” There was also an address and time auditions would take place. At the time, I honestly thought “I could be in a movie! Tom Cruise and me in a scene together? Or maybe Di Caprio? He’s so dreamy.” But you can probably guess what it really was.

The auditions were taking place slightly off the campus in the downtown area. The building itself was a two-story, sandwiched between a jewelry store and an Outback Steakhouse. There was a room number, room 215 to be precise. I opened the door and saw a small room, a few chairs and a receptionist at a desk across the room. She looked familiar, but I couldn’t place my finger on where I had seen her before. Was she in the background of a movie or had a past speaking role on television? I couldn’t figure out where I recognized her from.

In any case, I noticed 3 girls were already there, and they were much prettier than me. I mean, their blond and red hair was all prim and proper, their faces covered in 50 gallons of makeup, their breasts showing off ample cleavage to entice the director into giving them a better role. They all looked like they wanted to be movie stars on the red carpet. I looked like I was coming out of a science club. My straight brown hair, thick framed glasses, wrinkly purple shirt and loose denim jeans that had a small tear right beneath the left pocket. I looked like a mess. I hadn’t prepared for it at all. I simply showed up as myself. I found myself down in the dumps, my confidence shot before the audition even began.

I approached the receptionist’s desk. “Hi. How can I help you?”, she said warmly with a southern accent. She had a beautiful face with hair like silk. The low cut top she wore showed off her massive cleavage. Now, I know I have huge breasts and even had big ones back then, but hers were just MASSIVE. They were just some of the most hugest pieces of surgically enhanced breasts I had seen up to that point. I would’ve said push up bra miracle, but unless they’re designed to make B cup look like cantaloupes, then those happened to be real (or fake if you wanna look at it that way). It was a little intimidating to say the least.

After shaking my head to get out of the daze caused by her cleavage, I replied, “Umm…I’m here about the auditions.” She looked at me from top to bottom, judging me with her ocular patdown. She laughed a bit, probably thinking there was no chance in hell I was going to get far and that I wasn’t a threat. She opened up her desk and pulled out a piece of paper. “Fill out all the questions, hand it to me and then we’ll call you when we’re ready. Thank you.” She handed me the form on a clipboard and sent me to sit down.

As I sat down, I heard the other girls were giggling and talking to one other as they were filling out their own forms. I thought it was a little distracting, but I focused on filling out my own to get a step closer to fame. The first few questions were simple like “What’s Your Name?” “What’s Your Age?”, and “What’s Your Current Location?” You know, stuff you normally find on an application. But then the questions started to get weirder. “Are You Currently On Any Birth Control?” “Have You Been Tested Recently For Any Venerial Diseases?” I’m thinking what the hell is up with this place. What kind of studio would ask such questions?

I got my answer soon enough. The three girls in a group went up to the receptionist. One of them point blankly asked her, “What kind of movie is this?” The receptionist’s reply has rung in my ears ever since that day. “It’s a porno.”

My body was in a complete shock. I couldn’t believe my ears. I walked in for a porn audition? How did this happen?!

The other girls laughed it off and walked out of the room in disgust. They didn’t want to have some perv sticking a cock up their pussy. Well, unless they were drunk. I don’t know why I didn’t leave that place like the other girls did. I just sat there with my head looking down and my hand trembled while holding the pen. My body was shaking with nerves. My heart was beating a mile a minute. My breathing was uncontrollable. I was nervous and shocked at how I got myself into this situation. I was never one of those girls who was wild and rebellious, who got the attention by being raunchy or slutty. But…there was a part of me that kinda did. A part that wanted to have a bit of a wild streak in her, one that could get a little crazy and show the world how crazy she could get.

After a little while, I started to calm down. My heart began to beat normally again as my body stop shaking. My hand started to fill out the rest of the answers. I could hear the receptionist making a curious noise. I’m guessing she thought I would walk out too. But as she soon found out, Lana doesn’t walk out of anything! Except that one time, but that’s another tale for later (long story short: Bondage rape circus). After finishing the form and wiping the sweat off, I handed it over to the receptionist and went back to my seat. She was a little curious about it as I saw her looking over it before going back to whatever she was doing.

I waited probably another five minutes before a guy came out from the back room. At first glance, he looked like a douche. Now, he’s a good friend today, but you would have thought the same thing when looking at him that day (which you probably did). His suit made him look like a Colombian drug lord with the white pants and jacket over his light blue shirt. His moustache and goatee were neatly trimed with his hair just a shade darker than mine and a lot shorter. He made his way to the receptionist. “So Marley, who are the lucky ladies we’ll be auditioning today?” She pointed at me. “Well, all the others ran off except for this one.” I kinda waved my hand in their direction. He moved his shades down, with that “You’re kidding, right?” look on his face.

“Alright well,” he said as he grabbed my application, “if you’re the only one here, might as well interview ya. Come to my back office.” He made his way into his office as I followed suit. “Good luck,” Marley said as I went in. I didn’t know if she was being sincere or sarcastic.

His office was cramped and very limited in space. The desk itself took up a ¼ of the room with a chair on each side. A small drawer was behind him with his blackberry on top of a couple of folders as it was charging. The walls were covered in various porn magazine covers and awards. I think one of the pictures was some guy’s dick. “You like that one?” He said with a smirk on his face, noticing me looking at it. “That one is of yours truly. I like to keep it up there so potential actresses can get an idea of what’s coming up in their future.” Did I mention he sounded like a douche?

He closed the door behind me and took a seat in his chair. “Anyway, let me introduce myself. My name is Sandrick McCoy and I am a producer at Dazzle Entertainment. I’m also a fellow actor, so I will be working with you on your first scene. Now let me see what’s up with your application”, he said as he leaned back in his chair with my application in hand. I just sat there as quiet as possible with my hand resting in my lap. He looked at it with the same curiosity as Marley. “This is pretty interesting. I like what I’m seeing here. But tell me this,” he said as he stood back up in his chair. “I wanna make sure you’re not lying to me, but are you really a virgin? You never had any sex, not even giving a blowjob?”

My face flushed with embarrassment at his question. I managed to squeak out, “…Yes.”

“Well”, Sandrick replied with what I thought was a worried look on his face. “I believe you just got yourself a starring role.” His worried look turned into a huge smile while I sat, shocked by this turn of events. “You see, we’re about to do a new line of videos of amateur POV stuff where the girls are first timers.” He continued, “We wanna get that reaction of virgins getting their first taste of cock inside their mouth, that moment when their cherries are popped and they’re being fucked hard. Let’s not forget their reaction to their first facial. This is liquid gold and I want you to be the star of it! What do you say?”

I was taken aback by this. I didn’t think I would have get this far. Me in a starring role? Is this what I really want? “Hey,” Sandrick said. “Are you alright? You’ve been quieter than a mouse.”

I mustered up whatever words I could. “I’m still not sure if I want to do this. I mean, I came here thinking this was a big time Hollywood movie and now I’m discussing about being in a porn movie. I mean, the idea of the thrill got me here, but I don’t know if I can go through with it” I leaned down, putting my hands on top of my head. That shaking feeling came back.

He could tell how worried and confused I was. “Listen. You don’t have to be in this movie if you don’t want to. I’m not gonna force you, but can I tell you something?” I looked up at him with a tear rolling down my cheek. “Look. I’ve seen a bunch of girls come and go in this industry. And most of them can’t handle the pressure of this business, even before their first scene is finished shooting. They think ‘Oh, I can do this’ and they end up leaving because they don’t have what it takes. But you, on the other hand, I get a different vibe from you than all the other girls. Take a look at how you wrote down on the question ‘Why do you want to do this?’ Look at it again.”

I didn’t need to look at it again, but I did because the words reassured me: I want to be someone.

He kept going, “Now, most girls said they do it for the fame, the money, or because they’re huge sluts. But I’ve never seen anyone put this down on this question. I want to be someone. You saw Marley outside, right? Marley Marvel. She’s a DC or Marvel fan or whatever. I’m guessing you’re like her: Alone, keep to yourself, have low self-esteem, didn’t think you’re good enough. You didn’t live in a sheltered home, but you want that spark to get your wild side out of you, correct?” Holy shit, he was right! “So I’m giving you this opportunity to get allow us to get that fire inside you growing. You don’t have to choose us. But I think with someone like you, it would be a waste not to go through with this. So what do you say?”

Either he’s being really serious about my potential or he really wanted to get in my pants, but he had a point. I came here to get something started. Whether it was acting in a movie or being in a porn, I wanted to get out of my current life and be someone. I breathed in deeply before I told him my answer. “I accept.”

Sandrick smiled as he was glad to hear this.“Excellent. Let me congratulate you and welcome you to the exciting world of porn.” He stood over his desk with his hand out. I shook it, signaling the start of something new. “Now that you’re on board, I have some paperwork to do that I need you to fill out. I’ll have them ready for you when we start shooting first thing in the morning. Let’s say 10 AM. Sounds good?” Wait, tomorrow morning already?

“Uh okay. 10 sounds fine. Will the filming be done here?” I asked.

“Well no. This is a pretty small place that would barely work for a porn shoot. Plus legally, we can’t film within 500 feet of the campus. Damn bureaucrats. We only use this place to recruit the people over on the college campus. Our headquarters is further down. Marley will give you the directions to where the shooting will be held at.” He opened the door and led me on my way out. Not shockingly, no other person outside of the three of us were in room. I went over to Marley’s desk and she handed me the paper with the directions. “By the way,” she said, “I’m more of an Image fan.” I took the directions as she winked at me and left.

I couldn’t believe it. I actually went through with it and I’m was about to be a porn star. I was so nervous and excited that I couldn’t sleep that night. Seriously, I laid in my bed for like 2 hours, just thinking about the next day. I couldn’t sleep, so I thought maybe I should do a little research. I fired up my laptop, plugged in my headphones so as not to wake up my dorm mate, and started searching for porn.

‘Marley Marvel’: 16,000,000 results found. Damn. I wonder how long it will take me to get that much. I looked through a few results and found a video called ‘Marley Marvel’s Ass Pounded By Huge Cock.’ I thought why the hell not and hit play.

The video started with a slowing shot of Marley’s body in a tight one-piece. The breasts still as big as they were in the office, possibly even bigger. “You like what you see?” she teased the viewer with a seductive voice. She squeezed her breasts together as she licked her lips. She untied the swimsuit, revealing her massive breasts completely. “I hope you have your big dick out and you’re stroking it right now.” Okay, I know I’m not the target demo for this clip, but I continued watching anyway.

After a few minutes of playing with herself, the guy made his first appearance. It was Sandrick, the guy whom I’m shooting my first scene with. His hair was shorter than before, but the facial hair was still intact (as douchey as ever). He wore a speedo, almost unfitting of him and almost uncomfortably tight. Marley made her way over to him, getting on her knees and putting her face in his crotch. She start sniffing through the speedo, even licking his cock through it. She looked up at him, digging her claws underneath his tights. She pulled them down, revealing his massive erect cock.

Holy shit! That’s fucking huge! I gasped while holding my mouth to make sure no noise came out. I mean, I saw the picture in his office. But seeing up close to a woman’s face just gave me a reality check. That’s what was gonna be inside of me. I thought it was 10 or 12 inches (in actuality, it was closer to 7.5 inches. Camera angles, am I right?).

After recovering from my initial shock, I watched what Marley was doing. She started caressing his cock with both hands, licking the tip and moving her tongue slowly down his shaft. At that point, I wished I had a dildo to practice on, so I ended up putting my index and middle finger next to each other and pretended it was a cock. Imagination, right? I tried to copy what Marley was doing: Moving her tongue all around his dick, sucking on the tip, even lightly biting it (ow my fingers!). There were simple stuff that I could follow. But then, she wrapped her lips around and began to go deeper down his cock. She went further down his shaft until her nose pressed against his waist. His dick was fully engulfed inside her mouth.

I thought holy fuck, do I have to do that? I’m not ready for that as I almost threw up trying that with my fingers. Marley stayed there for about 30 seconds before she moved herself off his cock and started gasping for air. Her saliva coated Sandrick’s cock with a shiny glaze as a line of spit went from his dick to her mouth. She continued to deep-throat him for a while longer before I had to fast-forward it. I started feeling a little nauseous while watching it, though after finally doing it myself one day, that feeling went away completely.

The scene had jumped to the middle of the action. They started fucking on a couch with Marley riding on top of Sandrick’s cock. Her tits were bouncing up and down in a hypnotic motion. I could hear her screams of pleasure through my headphones as she bounced on top of him, gaining momentum. I started to feel my nipples getting harder; my pussy getting wet as they started to drip through my panties. I began rubbing my pussy, letting the juices cover my fingers. The tingling in my nipples started to grow, so I start massaging my breast with the other hand. I masturbated as I watch the two continue to fuck. I had never been so turned on in my life. I’d masturbated before, but this felt so different.

I knew that the next day, I would be in Marley’s position. I would be getting fucked out of my mind. I would have his cock penetrate inside my virgin pussy. Oh god I could feel his cock going inside me inch by inch. I just imagined how good I’d feel as he moves his cock inside me. I started rubbing my pussy faster and faster. I couldn’t contain myself. I couldn’t stop until I finally came!

This sensation I was feeling was different than any other time I had masturbated. My body was convulsing from the orgasm. My eyes were shut tighter than a vice. I had to bite onto my shirt to muffle my screams of pleasure. I wanted to shout to the high heavens, but I had to restrain myself. The feeling didn’t leave my body for a good minute. I laid back onto my bed. I started breathing heavily and constantly like I was in a car crash. My forehead was dripping with sweat. I worked on calming myself down and sure enough, I fell into a slumber.

The alarm went off at 9:00 AM. I open my eyes and slowly got out of the bed. I didn’t shut off my laptop, which was now laying on the floor with a dead battery, presumably after I kicked it off the bed during my sleep. But I had no time to worry about that. I had to get to shooting!

After taking a shower and getting myself ready, I packed up and drove off to the set. I looked at the directions, trying to find out where the hell I was going. I wish I had a Tomtom in my car back then. But eventually, I was able to make it with five minutes to spare. Five long minutes…

The nerves came back. Here I was in front of their porn production building, about to shoot my first film. Was I really gonna go through with this? I was breathing uncontrollably with goosebumps running down my body. I can’t believe this was happening again. I started to control my breathing again as I thought about the words I had put down: I want to be someone.

I stepped out of my 2002 Malibu (I sold that shit years ago btw) and walked up to the front door. The building was pretty big like a top of the line hotel chain. The company’s logo ‘Dazzle Entertainment’ was at the very top of the building in silver. I opened the door and was instantly greeted by one of the staff members. “Welcome to Dazzle. How can I help you?” she said so sweetly. I told her I was here to see Sandrick for a shoot. Before she could bring me up, Sandrick appeared. “There you are. I’m glad to see you’ve made it. Most people don’t get this far. I told you that you were one of the lucky ones.” he said with a grin. “Now let me give you a quick tour of this place and then we’ll get you set up for your first-ever scene.”

As we walked through the building, he spouted various information about the company. “Originally, the company was founded back in 1983. The founders said the porn industry wasn’t creating the porn they wanted to see. So they went out, bought some film equipment and sold their videos to wherever they could. Word of mouth spread and eventually the company was raking in the dough by the end of the 80s. I signed on back in late 2001 and got promoted fairly quickly. Probably due to my sharp business skills. That or maybe the time I fucked one of the founder’s widows.” I kinda just stopped there, giving a ‘Are You Serious?!’ look. “What? You gotta get ahead in this business somehow.”

We continued walking and made it down the long hallway, passing the various rooms where the action happened. Sandrick continued, “Normally, most porn shoots are done in motels or cheap places. The company owners just thought to save time and money, why not buy a hotel and make it our headquarters? And that’s what they did.” I had a bit of suspicion of that before he said it, but he just confirmed it.

As he kept going, I could hear the sounds of lovemaking through the walls. People moaning, screaming for more. I could even hear one girl shouting out, “Fuck my ass harder!” It was a little exciting to say the least. I turned my attention back to Sandrick, who brought me back into reality with his next sentence. “Alright, we’re here.” We stood in front of a door with a sign reading ‘Room 128’. He twisted open the knob and led me inside.

The room looked like a plain old hotel room. There was a single bed covered in sheets with awful designs, wooded furniture around the room, and lamps hanging above the beds. You know the kind. For my first time, I thought it would be a bit more luxurious than this. “Expecting more, weren’t ya?” Sandrick caught me by surprise. “We keep a couple of the rooms like this, just for the amateur look. The rest have been remodeled and look much like what you see in professional shoots. We have the new girls start here to get their reaction because if they can’t handle the bottom, then they don’t deserve a spot at the top.”

I kinda understood that and looked at this place in a slightly more positive light. I just wondered if those sheets were cleaned before I got there. As I sat down on the bed, Sandrick went over to the dresser and pulled out a folder off the top. He pulled out what looked like a contract and handed it over to me. “Here. Look over this. Tell me if you have any questions. And if everything’s good with you, you can sign on the bottom of the last page. Here’s a pen.” I immediately grabbed the pen, flipped to the last page, signed my name and handed it back to him without hesitation. “Whoa”, Sandrick blurted.

Now, most people would’ve read through the contract at least twice before they signed it or not. They wouldn’t have just put their signature without knowing what it was for. And I’m not saying to blindly sign anything. Hell, I’ve been looking over the terms of contracts ever since. But at the time, I didn’t care. If I actually read through, I probably would’ve started doubting myself and not have signed it. I still don’t know what was on there. Maybe it was one day contract. Maybe it was a payout agreement. Or maybe it was a liability waiver. I never took the time to look at it. And it doesn’t really matter to me since the thing expired long before I left the company.

But Sandrick was impressed by the guts I had. “I was definitely right about you.” He threw the papers onto the dresser and grabbed his camcorder. “Alright, now make a pose on the bed. Something casual yet enticing. I would recommend taking off your pants just to make it easier for shooting.” I removed my jeans, revealing my pink-trimmed panties. I got on the bed, laying on my side with my legs next to each other and my left arm holding me up.

Sandrick was tweaking the setting on his camera while he kept giving me directions. “Good, good. Now when I introduce you, I want to say your name and then I want you to masturbate like you normally do I’m guessing. Then we’ll take it from there. Got it?” I nodded my head agreement. “Oh, and keep those glasses on. I think you really cute in those.” I know he was flattering me, but I blushed and felt prettier at that moment.

The anticipation was kicking in. My heart was racing as the light turned red. He started at my feet, slowly working his way up my body. I could feel the heat growing as made his way up to my face. As Sandrick zoomed in on to capture my expression, I smiled to not only put on a show but to relax myself. He then pointed at me, giving me the cue at start talking. I opened my mouth and finally said the words I had been waiting to say.

“My name is Lana…..and this is my first time.”