Hope you saved a few dollars after Black Friday because a brand-new title featuring your favorite punk girl is now out! It’s Zoey X Zoey, now available for purchase!

Zoey X Zoey sounds exactly what it is: A dickgirl Zoey fucking another Zoey! What else do you need?!

Okay fine.

Some magical BS happens and somehow we ended up with two Zoeys: One being a domineering dickgirl while the other being shy and submissive. The Dom Zoey’s hunger for sex is strong and believes fucking the Sub Zoey will help satisfy that craving. Dom Zoey uses her huge cock to fuck her mouth, pussy and ass in her lust-filled mission, all while the Sub Zoey has to take every inch of it….

Yeah. Let’s go with that. I mean, this stuff isn’t canon. But who doesn’t wanna see some hot Zoey-on-Zoey action? So check it out!

Zoey X Zoey features 100 high-quality images. This set was rendered in Octane in 1920×1080 resolution. You can get this set for $9.95. Currently, this weekend on Affect3D Store, you can get 40% off this title along with several other purchases. Otherwise, you can pick it up from any of these fine places:

Zoey X Zoey at Affect3D Store

Zoey X Zoey at Gumroad

Zoey X Zoey at Payhip

Special thanks goes out to Ranger2Bravo for the initial idea and allowing me to expand it into a full set. I also wanna thank everyone who supports me through the site, Patreon and any of my social media place. After three months of releases, I’m gonna take a break next month and start figuring out what to do for next year. Though, I’ll still probably something up for next month (just not as big). Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this title. Thanks!