Hope you all had a chance to check out the two new sets I recently released. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, you can do so by clicking the links provided here (Dicks Need Attention and Appetite For The Wicked). Also, leave a comment of what you thought of each of them. Your feedback is much appreciated.

In the meantime, I’ve got an update featuring Rylee getting serviced by Krissy & Zoey, both in different places. The first one is a continuation from an older scene where Zoey gives Rylee a blowjob at night. This time, Zoey gives Rylee’s hard cock a ride while trying to keep quiet so as not to disturb Rylee in her slumber (Wonder what she’s dreaming about?). She succeeds too as Zoey is able to make Rylee cum without waking her up.

In our next part, we see Rylee having some fun in the sun with Krissy by the pool. After rubbing her cock between Krissy’s bum, she shoves deep inside her before letting out a huge cumshot on Krissy’s ass. With friends like these, you have to wonder how you can be with them too. 😀

In case you’re wondering, these were requested through Patreon. If you wanna check out more stuff before it’s posted here or even make your own request, you can do so by becoming a member. Just sign up and pledge today. Until then, enjoy!