It’s time to celebrate Halloween a little early with this spooktacular new title featuring our girl Lana and Nuflash’s Elizabeth! Check out Appetite For The Wicked, now available!

At an undisclosed location, the girls are waiting for the photographer to show up. To kill time, Lana decides to tell a story: A goth girl (in the form of Elizabeth) finds a magical spell book and uses it to summon a succubus (in the form of Lana). But the goth doesn’t realize what she’s done as the succubus decides to make her the latest in her line of playthings…

Featuring Lana & Elizabeth (along with appearances by Krissy & Zoey), Appetite For The Wicked is a scary sexy story featuring tons of dickgirl-on-girl action! Including oral, anal, vaginal and more!

Appetite For The Wicked features 110 high-quality images including a 76-image main portion (with a textless version) and 34 extra images. This set was rendered in Octane in 1920×1080 resolution outside of a few images, which were rendered in 1600×2000. You can get this set for $10.95. You can pick it up from any of these fine places:

Appetite For The Wicked at Affect3D Store

Appetite For The Wicked at Gumroad

Appetite For The Wicked at Payhip

Not only that, but if you haven’t picked up Succubus Lust or A Devilishly Good Time, you can get those plus this for one low price in the Intrigue3D Evil Bundle, exclusively available at Affect3D Store. Just click the image below to purchase:

Anyway, I wanna give thanks to Nuflash for allowing to use Elizabeth again for this. I know it’s already that fast for a new release (especially after DNA), but I thought this would be a fun one to do. I mean, how many times do you get to see Evil Lana or Dickgirl Lana? Or both at the same time? So it was a real treat to do this one. Also, special thanks to everyone who supports me via this site, Patreon, tumblr, twitter(-ish), and everywhere else you can find me. You guys are awesome and deserve all my thanks (except for a couple. I need to save those for later).

Until then, hope you enjoy this release and have fun! Thanks again!