Sorry about the lack of updates. Been working on some stuff behind the scenes for the site, which are gonna take some time. In any case, I have a bunch of stuff featuring our lovely Lana. Most of them (except for the last stuff) were requested on Patreon. If you wanna check out more content, be sure to pledge. Thanks!

To start, we got Lana getting bukkaked! Lana is surrounded by several cocks who cum all over her body. When the cameraman asks for her smile, she gives them one to remember.

Next up is Lana hanging out with Krissy, showing off their new corset to a lucky viewer. It looks like they want someone to join them for the festivities. Nude version included.

I also did Lara Croft inspired outfit for Lana. Here she is posing with her pistol and ready for action. But while searching the jungle for rare artifacts, she can’t help but suck on her assistant’s huge cock. Could it be because of the artifact or could it be that she’s really in the mood? Who knows?

While we’re at it, we have this Lana also interacting with Tribal Rylee. Lana Croft is unable to stop Rylee from getting her cock deep inside Lana’s ass. Then again, it could be apart of her research.

Next up we get a little weird. We all know Lana enjoys Adrian’s big cock fucking her ass, but what if there were two Adrians fucking her at the same time? We end up with a double anal scene that Lana is very pleased by!

And to get back to the normal side of things (well about as normal as we can get), we have Lana & Adrian (one Adrian) with Zoey. While Lana works on sucking and tittyfucking Adrian’s cock, Zoey puts her tongue skills to work, giving him a rimjob.

Lastly, the following pinups were commissioned by Hokaykyo. I hope you enjoy seeing Lana’s curves in full view and zoomed in on these. Enjoy!