Sorry about the lack of updates, but I’ve got a stealth release out now! What? That’s right. Featuring Lana, see her take on a monster futa cock in A Devilishly Good Time, available now!

Lana has a strange dream. She imagined being inside of some sanctuary, only to be confronted by a demoness named Deviline. The succubus’ goal is to feed off of the lust and libido of women, capturing their souls and using their pleasures as a means to control them. Now, Lana is next on her list. Using her massive cock, Deviline fucks Lana in various ways to try and break her spirit. Will Lana be able to overcome this dilemma or will she become another prize for Deviline?

A Devilishly Good Time features 100 high-quality images incluing a 84-image main portion, 11 pinups and 5 bonus wallpapers. This set was rendered in Octane in 1920×1080 resolution except for for certain images, which were rendered in 1500×2000 resolution. You can get this set for $9.95. You can pick it up from any of these fine places:

A Devilishly Good Time on Affect3D Store

A Devilishly Good Time on Renderotica (Link Coming Soon)

A Devilishly Good Time on Gumroad

A Devilishly Good Time on Payhip

Special thanks to DevilHS for allowing me to use their character Deviline for this set. I’ve enjoyed his stuff for years and loved a lot of his character designs, which is why I wanted to do Deviline. It started off as a few images for fun before expanding into a full set. You should definitely check out their own work on their tumblr. Also a quick shoutout to Alvaro Cabrera/Freepik for the elegant ornament design on the logo.

Also, thank you to everyone who’s a patreon supporter, visitor of this site and/or social media hubs. I know I kinda threw this release outta nowhere, but I hope you guys pick up a copy and enjoy it!

Thanks again and have fun!