So here’s the Xmas from last December that I finally get around to posting. Yeah yeah I know it’s super late and we’re closing in on April. Sorry about the delay, but hopefully this cheerful stuff will brighten your day.

First up is a commission for Nuflash featuring their character Elizabeth interacting with Sugar & Spice. Eliza thinks they’re foreign exchange students, but she doesn’t care since she’s looking to tutor them (and their huge futa cocks) during the winter.

Next up is more Sugar & Spice interacting with June and a guy at different times. Both are fulfilling their wishes, but they may be too much for them to handle.

Next is a special xmas party with Lana, Krissy, June and Rylee. Lana gets DAPed during the Holidays by Rylee and June. Meanwhile, Krissy is waiting patiently for her turn (maybe next time!).

Elsewhere, Zoey is having her own fun with a giant candy cane.

And Adrian has his own funtime with Sgt. Buck’s own Sheila!

Luckily, some of the girls were able to get together for a quick photo.

But last of all, Lana has some personal fun with herself. Maybe you can figure out what she’s doing. 😉

Anyway, that’s the last of the stuff from last year and my week of daily updates. I’m gonna try to keep this place more up to date with the stuff that was posted up earlier in the year. As always, if you wanna check out this stuff before it’s posted here, then sign up on my Patreon for early access to stuff. Anyway, take care and enjoy!