Hope you guys have had a wonderful week and were able to check out Tales From The Sex Crypt. If you haven’t, I recommend buying a copy as the proceeds will be going American Kidney Fund and you’ll be supporting some great artists as well. The title also features Zoey, so if you’re a Zoeyholic, then it’s definitely worth getting.

Speaking of Zoey, today’s update was commissioned by Super-Badger and features our lovable punk exhibiting some interesting behavior. Zoey takes a toll down the streets, wearing a very revealing outfit that leaves very little to the imagination. After finding a nice comfy alley to relax, she begins to play with herself. Even after playing with her tits and attempting to fist herself, she decides to pull out her big dildo friend. She uses its massive girth to stretch her pussy and ass with ease. It isn’t a while after that Zoey has a mind-blowing orgasm that leaves her laying there out of breath. Maybe next time she’ll have to do this again.

They also requested a wallpaper for their phone, so you can also check these out as well. Enjoy!