Some stuff for today. An assorted mix of stuff featuring Lana and something with Zoey. First up are a few pinups of Lana done a while ago using G3F. Currently, I’m switching back and forth between this version and the G2F one. My current plan is to use this one on a more permanent basis, but there’s a few things with the other one I need to complete first.

Next is her and Adrian fucking in Lana’s bedroom. The setting is the same as previously, but it’s been overhauled with a more slick and modern look. Plus that painting really adds something. You can get another look at it from this angle. I dunno what, but yeah. Anyway, here we see Lana getting fucked in her ass by Adrian standing before resting on the nice, comfy bed.

Lastly, I got a Patreon request a while back for Zoey getting fucked by the minotaur again (which can be seen here). This time, Zoey’s mind is completely melted as she takes the minotaur’s huge cock even deeper and getting filled with its magnum load. Luckily for Zoey, this could get be a dream (or is it???). Anyway, enjoy!