After dealing with Irma this past weekend, I hope everyone is safe and okay. In the meantime, I have some stuff posted on Patreon earlier during the summer, which I hope can bring a ray of joy to your week. To start, we’ve got Lana & Rylee hanging out at the beach. Rylee has really been into the whole fucking wherever to the point where she started to fuck Lana right at the beach. She took a few photos as a keepsake. Though, maybe the next time, they’ll do it indoors (and away from the sun…watching them with its pervy eyes).

While those two had a fun day, Rylee’s summer didn’t end there as she went to a dickgirl nude beach. And she even invited Rikolo’s Hana. Hana’s a little shy about her body (and her cock). Rylee can know a thing or two about that (You’ll have to check out my Patreon this week for more on that), which is why Rylee is there to help guide her through. Rylee wants to help out her new friend get comfortable with her body any way possible.

Problem, though, is Rylee’s idea is to have a nude volleyball game. And Rylee’s a competitive type, which is not good for anyone (unless you’re on her team. Even then….). The teams are split between Hana, Rebecca & Sarah (aka Rikolo’s girls) taking on Rylee, June and Kiara (aka Supro’s). As the two teams wage war, it comes down to the final point. Can June make the final point or will Rikolo’s team be able to stop them? The answer may surprise you (or not).

I’ve also got something commissioned by Sgt. Buck featuring their character Krissy hanging out by a pool (bikini & nude versions).

And lastly, the Christmas elves Sugar & Spice are also on vacation, having a little fun at the beach with one huge candy cane of a cock.

Anyway, enjoy and I hope you all stay safe during this season of bad weather! Thanks!