Sorry about the lack of updates here. I’ll keep this short, but I ran into a couple of problems that caused me to basically slow down. The first of which was a hardware issue where one of my drives ended up being corrupted, so I had to fix that. The other was related to my health. Hopefully everything is working out now, so I can regularly update again. Because of that, I’ll be posting a bunch of stuff that’s been held off for a while.

To start, I’ve got a commission for Laris194 featuring Rylee at the gym. Rylee continues her training with a young guy, helping him get some mass while working on his cock. Using her feet, tits, and pussy, Rylee makes sure he gets the best training money can buy.

I also have another scene with Rylee and some other other guy, though this one was requested via Patreon. This time, Rylee is on the receiving end as the guy shoves his cock deep down her throat. Will she be able to handle it? Probably.

Also requested from Patreon is a bulked-up Rylee with a poor little Zoey. Somehow (we’ll assume magical chemicals or whatever), Rylee has grown into a monstrous size, with thick muscles all around and her cock becoming freakishly large. Zoey is frightened by how intimidating Rylee look (and acts) and tries her best to quell the beast. But we’ll have to see if she’ll be able to do it or if Rylee will tear her apart (yikes!)

Next up was commissioned by an anonymous client, who wanted to see more of Sgt. Buck’s Sheila. And this time, we’ve included her sister Courtney in the mix. Sheila is trying to help Courtney to loosen up a bit and does so by inviting her to an orgy. The two sisters are fucked by several men with Courtney taking her first big cock. Sheila is ecstatic about this that she even films her sister’s first gangbang. Isn’t she supportive? 😀

There’s also a solo shot of Courtney (with nude variant) and one with her & Sheila posing by a horse (nothing sexual). There is some stuff on my Patreon featuring a young Sheila with one of her barnyard friends, but you’ll have to subscribe in order to see it. Anyway that’s all for now. Enjoy!